Multimedia products created by Elite's own resources include combining various forms of career guidance information within a single video: text, sound, graphics, and animation. According to numerous feedbacks of students and their parents, other interested parties, videos created and used in career guidance by the ELIT faculty contribute to the formation of a positive image of the institution, present educational and practical opportunities, as well as influence the further choice of the place of study.

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Elite Faculty Presentation

Professional career video of the faculty of Elite Sumy State University. The video was developed using the Adobe Flash multimedia and software platform using vector graphics and animation. Flash is based on vector morphing, that is, a smooth "overflow" of frames, which allows you to make fairly complex animated scenes and allows you to create high-quality career-oriented videos. The featured product has a voice-enabled version for a purposeful single presentation, and a captioned version for the background presentation.

3D Elite Faculty Presentation

Elit's presentation 3D video was created using a fully featured professional software system for creating and editing 3D graphics and animations for Autodesk 3ds MAX. The video in 3D depicts a university with infrastructure, departments, equipment, leading IT companies in the world - partners of SSU like that. In addition to creating these sets of scenes, they were rendered (rendered). Only after visualization can you see all the material properties of objects, the effects of the environment, which certainly contributes to a better perception of the work.

Leader chooses leader

NetCracker, the IT industry leader in the Sumy region, has for many years been a reliable strategic partner of Elit faculty and Sumy State University. The NetCracker Training and Consulting Center is successfully operating at the Faculty. The following courses are offered to students' attention: "Software Quality Assurance (QA)", "Test Automation (TA)", "Java Programming", "Java Programming on Android" with the prospect of further employment.

NetCracker Technology, a subsidiary of NEC, has been a reliable strategic partner for Sumgu since 2009. The company is a world leader in the development and implementation of telecommunications operations management solutions, customer relationship management, product management and the like.



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