At Sumy State University, students' knowledge is assessed using a credit-modular system (KMS). The schedule of the educational process provides for the division of the academic year into 2 semesters, each of which is divided into 3 module cycles. An examination session is held at the end of each semester. The academic year contains 60 credits and the semester - approximately 30 credits of the student's academic work. In one week a student completes approximately 1.5 credits of educational work. Credit - conditional minimum unit of measure of the amount of student's academic work in the study of a particular component of the curriculum or a particular discipline learned by the student in the course of study, which determines the amount of student's independent and independent work and is 36 academic hours. Scale of the discipline (R) is determined in proportion to the total amount of academic work in the discipline: R = 40 * K, K - the total amount of discipline in credits.

Sum of Points (R)

ECTS Assessment

National Scale

90-100 A 5 (excellent) Excellent execution with only a small number of errors
82-89 B 4 (good) Above average with multiple errors
74-81 C In general, working with a certain number of errors is correct
64-73 D 3 (satisfactory) Not bad, but with a few drawbacks
60-63 E Compliance meets the minimum criteria
35-59 FX 2 (unsatisfactory) Possible reassembly
0-34 F Re-enrollment course required




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