Purpose and Mechanism: Individual Student Planning (INP) aims to enhance the student's scientific training for a particular profile. For example, in-depth research activities, preparation for entry to graduate school, or targeted training of specialists at the request of research institutions and research and production enterprises, etc. In this case, the student is replaced by a number of disciplines for others - specialized disciplines, and appointed head of the ind. plan. As a rule, it is the supervisor who teaches specialized disciplines instead of the disciplines provided in the curriculum.

Duration of Study: A student may study one or more semesters on an individual plan (before completing a bachelor's, specialist or master's degree).

Requirements for Applicants: Students who study at the Bachelor's Degree and students who study at the Specialist's Degree (for specialties) can transfer mainly from the fifth and the next semester health care (mainly from the fifth and next semesters) and "masters" who:

  • have an average academic achievement score of at least 4.5 during the previous study period. For students enrolled in the Bachelor's Degree, Master's, the Bachelor's Degree is taken into account when calculating the grade point average;
  • take part in scientific work (research circles, laboratories, student research institutes, etc.);
  • have published at least one article, which is a prerequisite for students enrolled in Specialist (except medical majors) and Master's degrees;
  • have participated in student research competitions or subject competitions, or have published at least one;
  • A good command of a foreign language (English, German, French, Polish and other languages ​​of international academic communication). This category includes students who have obtained international language certificates TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and similar and students who have earned a Bachelor's Degree in the foreign language standard of the Bachelor's Degree course, usually at least 4.5 and continue their in-depth study of the foreign language during the course of the INP (in-depth course in the foreign language cycle of the disciplines of free choice of students or other forms of language training of SSU);
  • Enrolled in the Scientific Reserve (for students enrolled in the Specialist, Master's) and are candidates for graduate study.

Additionally, students' participation in academic conferences may include their participation in scientific conferences with publication of abstracts.



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