Purpose and Mechanism: The process of teaching a student on an individual schedule is intended to reduce the student's classroom work. For example, if a student is already working in the field of specialty, he is actively engaged in sports, active extracurricular activities at SSU, and so on. In this case, the student is reduced to a classroom load in some or all of the semester's disciplines by personal agreement with the teachers.

Duration of Study: Students can study individually for one semester.

Steps required to move to a customized schedule:

  • Bring a certificate of employment, a club certificate, or other certificate confirming the student's employment while studying.
  • To complete a set of documents (for each semester separately).
  • Submit a statement to agree with the Chair.
  • Print a table to sign with the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs.
  • After the signing of the table, make a copy of the table for yourself and send the original of the set of documents to the Deputy Dean for Educational and Organizational Work (ET-233).
  • After signing the order by the dean of the Faculty of Elite - student studies for ind. schedule.

It is advisable to prepare the documents before the beginning of the new semester. However, it is possible within two weeks of the beginning of the semester.



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