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Network and Internet Technologies


Telecommunications and Internet technologies are one of the most important emerging areas of the IT field. The revolutionary changes that are taking place in our life, business, social and industrial infrastructure are related to telecommunications and network technologies. No one is surprised that you can be a full participant, be it a business forum, a commercial project or a scientific conference, at a great distance from the venue. Experts estimate that many of the revolutionary telecommunications technologies will be implemented in the early to mid-2030s. Already, new technologies such as Internet of Things, Internet Television, 5G Mobile Communication, and more are approaching the implementation. The annual growth of 25% in the ICT sector is significantly higher than the growth of the best economies in the world, and the world telecommunication IT brands have become the most successful business projects of the last decades. The Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, responding to the challenges of the modern IT sphere, building on the latest developments in the field of telecommunications and modern laboratory base, introduces the training of telecommunications specialists who specialize in the development and application of modern network and Internet technologies.

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In the course of study in the specialty "Telecommunications and Radio Engineering" of the educational program "Networking and Internet Technologies" students study disciplines that give a basic knowledge of information, methods of its processing, distribution and protection in telecommunication systems and computer networks, deep knowledge of modern information and communication technologies and technical means of communication. Combined with the skills of using software and working on computer networks, as well as the ability to create and use Internet technologies, students have the ability to design new telecommunications and information networks, digital systems for data transmission and switching, to install and adjust digital and optical network modules. A significant amount of the courses are aimed at providing students with sound programming skills for telecommunication systems and computer networks, Unix-like systems, mobile communication devices, Web programming and IP telephony programming, creation of distributed databases. Knowing the features of telecommunications networks that underpin most of today's information technology, students can easily master the related areas of IT: software and computer engineering, security of information and communication systems.


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Most analysts consider the telecommunications and Internet technology job market to be the most promising in the 21st century, as evidenced by the 30-50% dynamics of demand for IT professionals. As a result, there is considerable demand for telecommunication and radio engineering professionals in the Network and Internet technology profession among government and commercial institutions in Ukraine and in the world. Telecommunication specialists work at the national telecommunication operator of Ukrtelecom, PJSC, Kyivstar, Vodafone, Inter Telecom and Volia, commercial operators and providers of mobile communications and Internet services, state and commercial broadcasters . Telecommunication professionals can successfully work for the world's leading telecommunication and networking equipment manufacturing and programming companies, such as Samsung, Cisco, Alcatel and D-Link, and find employment with global Internet service providers and management companies and companies. telecommunication programming ATT, Comcast, Free, Internode, NetCracker, PortOne, etc.






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