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Computerized Control Systems and Robotics



Modern technical and organizational management systems are complex information technology complexes based on powerful computer networks. Management systems are the means to ensure the mobility and efficiency of modern industry and the economies of industrialized countries. At present, most production facilities cannot function effectively without complex organizational and technical management systems.


The main advantage of graduates of the specialty "Control Systems and Automation" is the acquisition of their widest range of technical knowledge: from the special sections of mathematics and physics devoted to systems of automatic control and control, to the general theory of systems. Students gain knowledge that is determined by the current trend of development - the introduction of computer automation and control systems in all fields of engineering and technology, namely industrial production, transport, communication, utilities, energy, etc. Specialists have a high level of computer, electrical and system engineering training, capable of solving the problems of automation of existing production and the creation of new automation systems based on information technologies. The subjects of professional activity in the field of systems engineering are systems and control devices that are implemented on microprocessors and computers, electromechanical automation systems, automated technological systems, computerized administrative and social systems, computer networks.


A broad technical outlook provides quick and promising employment for graduates of the specialty in the most dynamic and effective industries: mechanical engineering, chemical and petroleum industry, power engineering, energy complex, systems for automation of commercial activity of enterprises, banking. Powerful computer training also allows graduates of this specialty to take up the positions of computer network administrator, application programmer.



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