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Electronic systems and components



Nowadays, electronics is the driving force of modern science and technology. Building on the advancements of electronics and the latest electronic technologies as a foundation, information and communication technologies, computer technologies and various computer systems, from artificial intelligence and computer vision to conventional smartphones and microcontrollers of household appliances, are strikingly developing. Today, we can see as the replacement of all-inclusive digitization of all spheres of human life, their computerization is rapidly coming, as computer technology and artificial intelligence are penetrating deeper and deeper into all parts of society - industry, business and business, education and ordinary human life. . Responding to the needs of today, the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering trains technical electronics specialists who specialize in the development and programming of computer hardware, maintenance, debugging and repair of various computer systems.


In the specialization "Electronic systems and components" specialty "Electronics" students, in addition to basic knowledge and skills in industrial electronics, gain in-depth knowledge and skills in the field of computer technology, computer control systems and computer networks.

Fundamental training in technical electronics provides students with a thorough understanding of the principles of construction and operation of modern electronic devices and systems - from mobile phones and automotive electronics to robotics, numerical control machines , 3D printers and computerized automatic lines. Students acquire the skills of self-designing, manufacturing, programming and customizing various electronic systems - from domestic to sophisticated industrial: power sources, including solar cells, chargers, smartphones and tablets, networking, microcontroller control and information processing. span>

As a result of the training in the specialization "Electronic systems and components" students gain in-depth knowledge of computer electronics, acquire skills in the application and development of new computer technologies, construction various computer systems, their programming and configuration, including global and local computer networks. During the preparation, students learn how to design and program mobile and embedded (Embedded) computer systems, build and debug modern robotics complexes and computer vision systems, actively implement 3D printing technologies, Internet technologies and artificial intelligence systems in industry, business and other links of human life. Students are proficient in JAVA technologies and Android systems, Unix-like and WebSCADA-systems, using modern software and modern programming languages. Within the Electronic Systems and Components specialization, there are sample components of the Mobile Computer Systems, Industrial Computer Systems, and Computer Vision training programs.



The advantages of graduates of specialization "Electronic systems and components "specialty" electronics " is the versatility and flexibility of their training, the urgent need for specialists of this profile, which ensures their employment in various fields of science, production, business. Deep fundamental knowledge allows them to easily master related areas and specializations related to computer science, information technology, software engineering, cybersecurity and the like. Among customers of graduates of specialization "Electronic systems and components" specialty "electronics" companies and enterprises of IT-sphere (AT&T, NetCracker, PortaOne, PJSC "Ukrtelecom", Volya, MindK etc.), computer firms and service centers (CompService, Astron, Spectrum-as, Proftel, etc.), which are engaged in production, programming, maintenance, repair and realization of computer electronic equipment, machine-building, priladobudivni and power enterprises (Shkoda Transportation, concern "Nicmas", PJSC "Sumyoblenergo", JSC "pumpenergomash" and others) which operate and create computerized systems, robotic systems, a variety of electronic and power equipment.




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