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Nanotechnology and Biomedical Systems


Computer Electronic Biomedical Systems, Computer Diagnostic Complexes for Electrocardiography, Ultrasound, Electroencephalography, Intelligent Body Monitoring Systems, Biometric Identification Systems, Ultrasound, Nuclear, Magnetic and X-ray Computed Computer Tomography physician decision support, automated interpretation of diagnostic data - this is a far from complete list of modern biomedical electronic equipment that requires constant improvement and modernization. That is why physics and biomedical electronics professionals have a high chance of finding a job in today's job market.


The development of new electronic devices and the improvement of existing ones are impossible without a combination of fundamental physico-mathematical, biomedical and medical-technical knowledge. In the course of study, students gain a thorough knowledge of computer technology and microprocessors, as well as unique interdisciplinary training in the field of research, development and operation of complex medical equipment, application of modern medical and technical information technologies, and gain knowledge of the fundamental principles of functioning of living systems. In addition, specialized profiling is based on knowledge of diffraction electronics, ion-plasma technology and nanotechnology.


Graduates of the specialty are specialists in the general field who can, at the present level, solve problems related to the development and operation of electronic devices (including medical and biological ones). They are able to work as engineers-researchers, specialists in the field of medical cybernetics and statistics, engineers-operators in the processing and analysis of biomedical information, medical monitoring, providing non-drug treatment methods and operations of hardware diagnostics, engineers in enterprises whose work is related with the creation and modernization of electronic and computer equipment.



Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Sumy State University
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