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Electricity is the basis of the scientific and technological progress of today, as it provides humankind with heat, light and energy, without which any electrical, electronic, computer equipment, equipment of industrial enterprises, transport, etc. is impossible. Professional training of electrical engineers is carried out on the basis of many years of experience in construction and operation of domestic power systems, advanced experience of the world electricity, development of new technologies for electricity generation, transmission and consumption, energy saving requirements, global information management of power consumption, new sources of energy. and increasing attention to the use of energy-saving measures in industry.


The specialty is the training of electrical engineers in the calculation, design and operation of electrical equipment. The basis of professional training of power specialists is based on the latest information technologies, special attention is paid to computer-aided design of electrical systems and networks, electrical equipment and machines, study of the creation of modern renewable energy sources, the use of energy efficient technologies. Specialists who have completed this specialty receive the profession of electrical engineer in the field of power supply to industrial enterprises, production and distribution of electricity. They are engaged in the development of design and working documentation of separate units of power systems, the development of computer variants of design and design documentation, the calculation of electrical circuits and the use of computer equipment in the design calculations, the planning of loads and costs of electricity, the management of the electrical equipment of the power plant (substation) control systems for power plants, maintenance of power plants and electrical equipment power stations (substations) of district electric networks.


The graduates work in enterprises and organizations of different ownership forms related to the production, transmission, distribution and consumption of electricity, in science institutions, in the positions of chief energy engineer, deputy chief energy engineer in enterprises, specialist in energy management and energy audit, specialist in the use of modern energy-saving technologies, design engineers in design organizations.



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