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Cyber ​​Security



A cyber security specialist develops security systems for various communications networks and electronic databases, tests and refines their own and third-party designs to avoid the risk of leakage of information that constitutes state or commercial secret, confidential information. This profession is relatively young and widespread in the implementation of computer and networking technologies in virtually all organizations, from small commercial firms to security agencies


Cybersecurity training takes into account academic and professional requirements for programming, computer science and information and communication technology professionals. Considerable attention is paid to the study and practical application of information security technologies in the development of database and knowledge management systems, network applications and Internet services, data transmission and encryption protocols. In addition, part of the disciplines introduces students to the methods of certification, examination and special studies (including the use of parallel and quantum computing environments) tools and systems of cybernetic protection of information resources. Separate courses are devoted to methods of detecting, blocking threats and obtaining evidence of unauthorized access to information with an appropriate level of secrecy of corporate, banking and government information resources.

Cybersecurity students have the opportunity to attend 1-C business systems programming courses, NetCracker International programmers and testers courses, Cisco and Microsoft network administrators courses, MindK Summit IT training courses software development, VoIP Lab IT courses from PortaOne, Canada, to study VoIP telephony with international certificates and diplomas, and further recruitment of top graduates events.


Cybersecurity professionals can hold the following positions: System Administration Technician, Software Development and Testing Specialist, Information Technology Specialist, Computer Software Development Specialist, Security Specialist, etc.



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