According to the SCImago Institutions Rankings SSU was ranked the sixth among Ukrainian higher education institutions and entered the TOP-200 universities of Central and Eastern Europe. More than 2800 world universities were assessed on their scientific and research, innovative and social activities.

The universities that reached the acceptable number of publications (minimum 100 scientific works in Scopus database for 2014) were ranked. 11 Ukrainian universities overcame this measure and SSU is among them.

The ranking is formed from 2010 and is based on the data from the independent sources: Scopus bibliometric database, Worldwide Patent Database (Patstat) and webometrics databases.

Except higher educational institutions the ranking also includes 1200 research institutions, over 800 health protection institutions and more than 170 private companies, involved in scientific activities. Thus, the SCImago Institutions Rankings is the largest international ranking of the academic and research- related institutions of the world.



Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Sumy State University
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